The point of the preliminary challenge

Champlain College

Published on 2020-01-13

The rulebook states that the score obtained in the preliminary challenge has no impact on the score in the final challenge. Besides preparing us for the final challenge, what is the purpose of the preliminary one?

In addition, the rulebook and kickoff presentation mention that it will be in the form of a CTF but the preliminary challenge does not seem to be one.

Marc Scattolin


Jeffrey Barbagallo

Published on 2020-01-13

Hello Marc,

We had many integration problems resulting from the CTF platform we had planned to use for the programming competition this year. This unfortunately caused not only the delay in getting the challenge published but caused us to unfortunately scrap the CTF feel.

That being said. The purpose of the preliminary challenge is to:

  1. Provide practice problems for the final competition.
  2. Earn points in order to gain the ability to participate in the final challenge.


Champlain College

Published on 2020-01-14

Oh I see. Apologies if I came off a little strong in my initial question; I had no idea the ctf idea had to be scrapped.

In addition, my teammates were wondering how exactly our score for each challenge is decided. Is it a binary thing or does code style count?

Alexandre Pilon

Published on 2020-01-16

Hi Marc, 

The only thing we are looking at is the result of your application based multiples test. We are not looking at code quality.