power supplied to kiosk booth

C├ęgep Vanier College

Published on 2020-01-09

Hey there!

What type of plugs are supplied to one(s) kiosk booth during the competition? Reason being is we have quite a few things we would like to have in our booth plugged in and would like to make sure that we won't overpower the grid. Does the booth get a 5-15R or 5-20R or L5-30R or L14-20R or etc type plug? Which one? Also does the feed handle 15 amps or 20 amps or 30 amps? If you don't know what these types of plugs are, here are links to pictures of them:

5-15R type plug

5-20R type plug

L5-30R type plug

L14-20R type plug


Thank you!


David Martin

Published on 2020-01-10

Hello Vanier people!

I invite you to read rule 4.1.02 which states black on white what kind of power is available in your kiosk. Plugs supplied are 5-15R.


David Martin, Robotique CRC Robotics Coordinator