3D prints & machined parts

Kells Academy

Published on 2020-01-06

Hi, I would love to know if we are allowed to build parts using a 3D printer or a CNC machine and if there is a limit to what extent can we?


David Martin

Published on 2020-01-06


Yes, you are allowed to build your own parts using a 3D printer or CNC machine. As mentionned in the rulebook (Foreword Section, sub-section iii [p.4]), custom pieces must be made by students. A student must be the one designing the parts and setupping/programming/operating the CNC or 3D printer. The student must be able to answer questions regarding the design and manufacturing process; It is easy for a judge to tell during evaluation if a student is really the creator of such custom pieces.

Hope this clarifies your interrogation. Best,

David, CRC Robotics Coordinator