Are there any other sources to receive the information for the Arduino programming workshop?

Lake of Two Mountains High School

Published on 2019-11-04

Our school might not have any programmers that will be able to come the workshop therefore we might need some help. Like asked before, are there any other places we can visit at least online. If there is it will be very appreciated as well, it could help all teams so that we can overview of the information and not only receiving it once. Also just as a side note, for schools such as our (a high school) could it be possible to include definitions of the code, I saw that you put up code as a response to the another question and I, with others didn't understand what any of it was for. Please consider our request. 

-LTM Student 

David Martin

Published on 2019-11-05


One of the biggest argument for switching to Arduino in the next years is the size of the online support community (forums, tutorials, etc). As always, with any programming (or any robotics related stuff really), your first reflex should be to look up your question online. CHances are somebody already stumbled on the same problem before.

As for CRC redacted help/content, everything is in the wiki on the github repository. We started by including technical references on the functions included in the library, and we will add example code as time goes on. Keep in mind that it is for now a technical reference before everything, not something made for learning how to program. Plenty of websites are already great at that, and we will link them in our wiki.

As always, if you find erros or there is stuff you want more precision about, the best thing is to open an issue request so we can track the issues you want us to address in the code or its documentation.


David Martin