Beginner's Questions

Centennial Regional High School

Published on 2019-12-17


I am a beginner programmer proficient in the ways of drag/drop EasyC. I took a look at the programming challenge, and suffice to say, I am lost, confused and scared. I was hoping the CRC (or anyone else) has any programs or resources they could share with us to help us get started.

Currently, our computers have Notepad++. 

I am also wondering about the nature of the challenge.
Will we be given a set of data or numbers to process?
Will our programs be submitted online? 
Is there a platform or tutorial system in the works? (or that I've missed?) 

Based off what was previously stated, I had thought that this challenge would be more beginner-friendly. Currently, I do not even know how to begin to face this challenge. 

Duncan BH


Collège Citoyen

Published on 2019-12-18

Hi Duncan,

For reference, here (way down) is the email that Jeff from the CRC sent at the end. In there is some valuable information such as knowing that the first six solutions are available.  As for a compiler, I used Eclipse when I used to code, but that was years ago so it might be outdated. Here are some tips I can give you to learn programming.

1. Try to segment your problem in multiple steps. For example, for the first challenge, you would need to read the file, process it and then output the answers (if I read it correctly). 

2. Test each step separately if possible before merging everything together. It eases debugging when something is not working.

3. Comments are your friends. Write them, read them for it is their intended use. However, they can also be used in a more sneaky fashion : debugging. You can always comment out parts of your code if you want to know where your glitch is. Use /* before the section you want to comment out and */ at the end to suppress the whole section’s effect without having to delete it.

4. Nothing can blow up when programming (under normal circumstances, please don’t try to prove me wrong!) Trial and error will get you somewhere when programming. Trust yourself and try to build on what is explained through the six given solutions. It’s alright if it’s 10% trial and 90% error, patience is a virtue (especially when programming).

5. When all goes wrong, Google is your friend. 

Jeff’s message :


I am pleased to announce we have just released the preliminary programming competition to all teams. You can find the link to your teams folder via MANAGR (see the attached image).


Teams will compete in the preliminaries in order to gain points to access the finals taking place during the competition.

In each of your teams folders you will find a .zip file which contains the problem set for the preliminaries. Solutions are to be uploaded to the drive in the appropriate folder. 

You may submit in the programming language of your choice, yet templates have been provided for the first 6 problems in the C++ format.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me


Collège Citoyen

Published on 2019-12-18

I forgot to sign : the wall of text above is from JP, College Citoyen’s mentor !

Collège Citoyen

Published on 2019-12-18

Erratum here : CRC did not provide solutions, but templates. They give you clues about the logical structure that you should use. 

Sorry about that !